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The Importance of Quality Groundworks and Working with Contractors

Completing a building construction project brings a whole new level of accomplishment and satisfaction to property owners, contractors, and other stakeholders involved. But handling the construction from start to finish is not a walk in the park. Smaller convenience stores, modest buildings, skyscrapers, and several notable edifices in the world, these building construction projects require effective planning and resource allocation.

From foundations and groundworks to waterproofing, fireproofing, landscaping, and roofing underlay, construction takes place in various phases, which is what primary stakeholders have to carefully plan for. If you are working on a construction project, this article is for you.

Here, we’ll look at the importance of groundworks and landscaping on a building project. We’ll also take a look at the benefits of working with a landscaping and groundworks company.

Why is groundwork important?

So, what is involved in groundwork and why is it important in any construction project? Before anything, let’s establish how crucial the health of your groundwork is. In construction, groundwork is crucial before deciding to build something on a site.

The groundwork is the testing of the ground of the land where you are constructing a house or building. Groundwork sets the structure or layout of the building and serves as the foundation in which the weight of the whole building is dependent upon. Once a construction project commences, the first-order of business is excavation.

Excavation jobs are done for the foundation and layout involved in cabling, piping, and drainage. Most utilities such as electricity, gas, water, communications, and other essentials like Internet and TV cables are laid down the ground along with the foundation.

What is involved in groundwork?

There are two major aspects of groundwork, namely: foundation and landscaping.


The first consideration during the groundwork process is laying the foundation. Why is it important to take heed of the integrity of the foundation? For one, the foundation supports the load of the building. It should be designed to withstand natural elements like strong winds, flooding, and earthquakes.

The foundation should also be strong enough to limit moisture, if not completely prevent moisture intrusion, which will cause water damage on walls and the basement. Professional builders can make an accurate evaluation of the ground to determine the earth’s capacity to withstand building weight and strain limitation, ensuring that a sound foundation is built.


The outdoor space is one of the essential places to adorn with when the property is already built. However, by the time of groundwork, most owners often don’t realise the importance of landscaping. This may be because they have not seen the result yet.

As a property owner, you will actually be paying for things you’re not yet seeing in this phase. These include planning the irrigation, preparing the ground and inspecting if the soil is sustainable and healthy, setting the perfect spot where the sun shines or not (in case you want to build a garden), and surrounding the property with plants that provide beauty and promote a sustainable surrounding. Getting your lawn landscape-ready gives you a heads-up on exciting add-ons when the property is complete.

Perhaps you want to pave the driveway with a stunning look from the outside. You probably want to add exterior mood lighting. Regardless of your choices, it is important to prep the landscape as early as possible so you can avoid costly redos.

Other Considerations

Before starting the construction, the building engineer should also handle other aspects of groundworks such as ground investigation, terrain, permits, etc. Engineers will relay this information, along with the requirements, to the property owner. The building contractor is expected to handle the planning and evaluation of the groundwork.

Before the construction starts, everything should be laid out based on the expected output of the construction project. Groundwork is also required for:

⦁ Drainage system
⦁ Driveway
⦁ Establishment of flooring like beam or block
⦁ Excavation
⦁ Footing (blocked style, sloped, trapezoidal, or stepped)

Blocked style footing, sloped, trapezoid, or stepped style – these footing styles require a different amount of concrete. Concrete is the best material used for compaction of the footing. Before laying the footing, the excavated ground should be checked for its dimensional accuracy.

These are the things involved in preparing the groundwork, and they should not be taken for granted. Your chosen groundworks company will help you look into them and explain further how these jobs are done. After all, it is you, the property owner, who needs to be well-informed when planning to build a residential or commercial site.

How does landscaping add value to a property?

Property owners of residential and commercial sites often look for ways to gain the best benefit for their landscape. They are willing to engage in landscaping services to make their properties look more attractive. Some of the key benefits of landscaping include the following:

Increased Market Value

With a high-quality landscape, the market value of a property remains on the high end. If you own a commercial establishment, you can drive your business to success with better landscaping that draws in more customers. Relevant data shows that businesses with superior landscapes attract more customers. People are more willing to travel longer distances if it means they get to shop in an establishment with beautiful landscaping.

Impact on the People

With well-maintained landscaping in a residential area, the cooling and heating costs are significantly reduced. Some studies also suggest that crime rates are reduced by incorporating tree canopies, gardens, and parks in a neighbourhood. Residents in neighbourhoods with tree-lined streets and yard trees are most likely to report lower incidents of stress. This can be attributed to the sense of peace and security that one feels when surrounded by nature.

The social value of landscaping surely can’t be ignored. That is why property owners looking to create a safe environment for all should consider adding landscaping to their residential or commercial lots.

Impact on the Environment

Apart from its economic and social value, landscaping is also important for the value it adds to the environment. Lawns that are well-cared for absorb contaminated water runoff. Healthy lawns can absorb thousands of gallons of water from a single rainfall event and prevent soil erosion, too.

Not only that, but they also capture smoke particles, pollutants, and dust. They also absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for people nearby, which is what makes landscaping good for the environment. Sure enough, having a well-maintained landscape goes beyond increasing the market value of a property.

Why work with contractors?

There comes a time when property owners have to work with groundworks contractors to ensure effective and safe construction at residential and commercial areas throughout the south of the UK. Contractors prove helpful in terms of managing a development or transformation project in less time and also in keeping the environment safe. They are highly capable of understanding the project size and the risks involved. Their knowledge enables them to bring a systematic approach in economical and eco-friendly ways.

When planning the construction, it is best to take the help of professional groundworks contractors. Apart from keeping the nuisance away, they make the entire process easy and well-organised. Working with them becomes a feasible choice because of several reasons.

Contractors ensure a smooth construction process

There is nothing more reassuring than having a development project handled by an experienced team that works only with your best interests in mind. To ensure that the entire construction phase goes smoothly, professionals perform their task in a safe and sound manner.

They specialise in many sectors

One of the most compelling reasons to work with contractors is that they specialise in many sectors — foundations, drainage, landscaping, etc. This means you don’t need to go anywhere for any type of construction. From suburban homes, shops, and other commercial establishments, you can gain an efficient method of groundworks at a reasonable cost when you work with a professional groundworks contractor.

Groundworks contractors have the experience

It’s worth mentioning that time brings experience and that experience brings expertise. This is why engaging in the services of contractors is beneficial. As professional groundworks workers have the experience, they can easily grasp the aptitude to provide clients with the highest quality services and deliver peace of mind.

Groundworks and landscaping contractors that have been in the industry for years can guarantee the highest level of materials and workmanship for every kind of project they take on. As we previously mentioned, construction is not a walk in the park. It takes relevant industry experience to carry out a task and deliver high-quality results.

Groundworks contractors always ensure quality

In relation to all the points we just mentioned above, you can be 100% assured of the quality of the project when you hire a licensed contractor or construction company. Consider the great amount of time, effort, and investment needed to renovate a property or decorate a newly constructed residential lot. Contractors make sure to deliver the work with noteworthy standard.

Combining their skills and the cutting-edge technology they use, they see to it that every assignment is done with utmost professionalism, ensuring clients that their property’s aesthetic value increases upon completion.

They offer affordable construction cost

It’s no secret that a great amount of cash is needed to complete a construction project. By hiring a professional groundworks contractor, you can ensure the right and reasonable market price, which means you can save several bucks. You can also have a competitive advantage over others.

In most cases, the cost of constructing a residential or commercial property is dependent on the accessibility of construction materials and the region of the country. The skills and promptitude of the subcontractor are also among the factors that influence construction costs. Consider, for instance, the cost of a construction project situated in an urban area. With quick access to resources, the cost may be lower compared to one located in a rural setting.

Contractors can get construction materials at a lower cost than an average client. They also know which materials to use to fit a client’s budget. Another thing to consider is that hiring an inexperienced contractor can incur more costs and delays. Experienced contractors can get the project completed on time without exceeding budget.

They have a vast network of contacts

Groundworks and landscaping contractors have a vast network of contacts that comprises subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors, making it easier for them to contact the right people to work on the project. Contractors with a proven track record of successfully completing projects through the years should be on your team. With their vast network of contacts and leverages they have built, they can get your property standing in no time.

They manage all aspects of the project

No one handles a construction project better than a professional building contractor. Regardless of its application, project management is a crucial part of the construction. From the construction of a new car park to the construction of a new building, construction project management is not without several complexities.

Building contractors are the most qualified to handle them. By working with a contractor, you can take the stress off your shoulders. They will be managing everything for you. Suppliers, subcontractors, inspectors, vendors, engineers, and architects – you do not have to worry about them.

How to choose the right contractor?

The contractor you choose for your project will also influence the overall result. This is why you have to work with experienced and licensed contractors only. Finding a certified groundworks and landscaping company with proven track records should not be a challenge.

There are several companies out there, and you can easily hire one. The challenge is in making sure you choose the best company to handle your building projects.

Work with AJ Groundworks

Are you looking for a groundworks company to handle your building construction? Work with the good lads over at AJ Groundworks. For more than 30 years, we have been providing groundworks and hard landscaping services throughout the south of the UK. From foundations to drainage, we handle various aspects of construction.

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