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    18/05/2021 - AJ Groundworks 0 Comments
    What Is the Difference Between Hard and Soft Landscaping?

    Landscaping is all about combining various elements. And as interesting as the topic seems, landscaping itself is quite broad. Under its umbrella, there are two categories: hard landscaping and soft landscaping.

    It is crucial to know the difference between the two to fully comprehend how to build and design a space. While both are required to build a lovely, inviting outdoor room space, it is important to note that they are opposite, as their names suggest.

    In this article, we have detailed the key differences, elements, and benefits of soft and hard landscaping. Continue reading to know how to design for your landscape.

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  • AJ Groundworks
    04/04/2021 - AJ Groundworks 0 Comments
    The Importance of Quality Groundworks and Working with Contractors

    Completing a building construction project brings a whole new level of accomplishment and satisfaction to property owners, contractors, and other stakeholders involved. But handling the construction from start to finish is not a walk in the park. Smaller convenience stores, modest buildings, skyscrapers, and several notable edifices in the world, these building construction projects require effective planning and resource allocation.

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